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KGB Vol 27: Your biggest investment…TIME

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”-Stephen R. Covey

This is an interesting way to reframe the way we see time. In this case it would refer to how we allocate such a valuable resource during our coaching workday. A day on the grind may look something like this;

As you come in from the parking lot to a cold dark building the clock starts ticking. You start checking emails and establishing practice plans before the inevitable barrage of daily updates from the athletic training staff, coaching staff, and players. Once practice starts your mind is focused on evaluating your assets and the general direction your team is heading. Most of the time this is where you shine, applying your greatest skills in technical and tactical development of your squad. After practice the focus is on preparing for the next practice, road trip, game, trade… whatever, the list goes on and on.  These are all investments of time into the success of the team and the requirements of the job. There is not much time left to invest in personal development.

For many, coaching is considered seasonal and there is always the mantra of “I will get to it in the off-season.” Knowledge Bomb: Your long-term health is not something that can be addressed seasonally. There needs to be an investment in health on a consistent basis to accumulate results over time. This kind of investment in time is also a skill that needs to be cultivated. There are a few large rocks that can be dropped into your health bucket consistently. One huge change can be investing 20-30 minutes a day 4 days a week in the sauna. The benefits of sauna or heat exposure cannot be understated. To read more about this amazing 20 year study click here. This heat exposure approach can be leveraged to reduce the risk of common health conditions specifically in the cardiovascular system. Here is the protocol:

Temp: 175 degrees Fahrenheit

Time: 20 min duration

Frequency: 4 session per week.

Invest some time in your personal health on a consistent basis. Many coaches will walk right by the sauna in the team locker room or have access to one somewhere at their facility. Knowing how to leverage this powerful technology is half the battle, investing time is where the commitment takes place. Being intentional and adding some form of self-care to your calendar on a weekly basis will help you protect your time and fit other commitments around this essential task.

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