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  • We are experts in

    Pain Relief

    We specialize in injury rehabilitation and nonsurgical orthopedic procedures. If you have had a musculoskeletal injury in the past, we have myriad ways of both working around the painful movement as well as improving the movement itself.

  • New Ice Bath Therapy

    Introducing Propel’s Ice Bath Plunge: Experience the rejuvenating power of cold therapy. Boost recovery, reduce inflammation, and enhance your overall well-being with this invigorating treatment. Try it today for a refreshing new way to revitalize your body and mind.

  • New Compression Therapy

    Experience targeted relief and enhanced circulation in a comfortable and convenient setting. Elevate your wellness journey with personalized compression therapy at Propel.

Our Programs

Whether it is an in-person appointment or a distance-based program with online consulting, all of our health and human performance programs are based on a fundamental belief that everyone should have the tools required to maintain their own health. When we work together, we rely heavily on thoughtful data collection and a thorough initial assessment that sets the program up for success and follow-up data that ensures we are achieving what we set out to do.

Our Mission

Propel HP is founded on the strong, deeply rooted, and unwavering belief in personal empowerment.

Our approach to athletic development and sports injury looks at the natural systems of the body and tries to find where windows for progress and success are apparent. By taking a global approach to injury management and athletic development and understanding the key factors in achieving optimal health and performance, we can be systematic and intentional in our programs.

Athletic Development

Athletic development is a journey and the scenery is always changing. We can help you learn ways to recognize these changes in your body and be ready with systematic solutions that will create a road map toward success.

Earning a college scholarship or playing a few extra years at a very high level are both impressive and challenging goals. Injury is the leading hurdle to achieving success if you have the talent and work ethic required to compete; we can help prevent this obstacle.

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