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HP Consulting


Designed for the busy individual, this program provides one-on-one coaching options that allow clients to receive concise, accurate information and get to what works for fitness, nutrition, and recovery. We establish simple but effective data collection points to ensure maximum results that are sustainable.


  • Nutrition monitoring to match your diet to your activity levels
  • World-class fitness programming to improve cardiovascular health, body composition, and strength
  • Heart rate variability (HRV) data to track stress management
  • Injury prevention /management/ recovery
  • Regular communication about data and progress

All these factors in combination allow you to live your best life both at and away from work. Our tracking methods can compliment any current training program. By using precision bloodwork/metabolics and advanced biomarkers, we can help you track the success of your current efforts in nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction and suggest relevant improvements based on our findings. Simple and effective assessments with actionable data points that can be tracked over time and specifically-designed interventions will help you maximize your results. You will gain energy to perform better on the job as well as at home. If you travel for work, you will learn how to live on the road, sleep better, and find time for effective fitness. You will become an expert in the functions of your own body by working directly with our staff and developing systems for success.

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