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High Performance

KGB Vol 31: Leading by example

The most important leadership qualities are subject for debate. One common characteristic of great leaders is authenticity. This authenticity can be labeled as “lead by example”. Let’s unpack this common coaching cliché. Leading by example is indeed considered one of the most effective and powerful leadership skills. It involves demonstrating the behavior, work ethic, and […]

KGB VOL 30: Brain Food- Nutrition to maintain focus and improve memory

Stay sharp!! Of course you can have a momentary lapse in memory or focus, but in reality maintaining focus is integral to the success of a coach. Various aspects can be impacted, from effective communication to strategic planning and leadership. It contributes to a positive coaching environment, enhances decision-making abilities, and ultimately influences the performance […]

KGB Vol 29: Managing in-game stress

“It’s not stress that kills us; it is our reaction to it.” – Hans Selye Keeping your composure as a leader or coach is essential to team performance. Some people seem to be naturally more calm while others have a tendency to react much stronger to stressful situations. Here are some tools that you can […]

KGB Vol 28: High performing morning routine

“To get up each morning with the resolve to be happy is to set your own conditions for the events of each day” R.W. Emerson It has become very popular for individuals to boast about their morning routine. I see people who start their day with incredibly healthy routines that can take up to 2 […]

KGB Vol 27: Your biggest investment…TIME

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”-Stephen R. Covey This is an interesting way to reframe the way we see time. In this case it would refer to how we allocate such a valuable resource during our coaching workday. A day on the grind may look something like this; As you […]

KGB VOL 26: Coaches need coaching too

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” Bobby Knight Much like any other profession, coaches can benefit from coaching. After almost an 8-year hiatus I recently hired someone to help me improve my current business model. There are some key reasons that one should consider hiring a coach. Here are my reasons for digging into […]

KGB Vol 26: Using self-reflection in the pursuit of coaching mastery

The last few months we have talked about leveling up as a coach and using self-reflection to look back over the season.  This month is a culmination of those topics in list form to organize your thoughts. What defines a great sports coach?  Expertise and Knowledge: Great coaches have a deep understanding of the sport […]

KGB VOL 25: Two ways to look in the mirror.

Reflection is a very important practice in the coaching and high-performance professions. This “hard look in the mirror” approach has been around for decades in all types of organizations. It can happen in two ways: You can look AT yourself in the mirror, a physical once-over. You’ve done it a million times: You scan to […]

KGB Vol 24: Good vs Great: A view from above

Developing athletes can be a defining difference in the label good or great coach. Sure, there are some tactical wizards out there, but most great coaches get that distinction based on their ability to maximize an athlete’s ability to be successful. There are athletes who are clearly less talented but get more out of the […]

KGB Vol 23: Observational learning

Over the years, I have created what I like to call the “performance pyramid.” The base of the pyramid is formed by daily habits that set the stage for elite performance. At the top of the pyramid is simply observing top performers in your field. This is known as “observational learning.” Plenty of published research […]
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