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KGB Vol 31: Leading by example

The most important leadership qualities are subject for debate. One common characteristic of great leaders is authenticity. This authenticity can be labeled as “lead by example”. Let’s unpack this common coaching cliché.

Leading by example is indeed considered one of the most effective and powerful leadership skills. It involves demonstrating the behavior, work ethic, and values that you expect from your team members.

Leading by example builds trust within the team. When team members see their leader consistently demonstrating honesty, integrity, and reliability, they are more likely to trust and respect the leader.

A leader who leads by example serves as an inspiration to the team. Actions often speak louder than words, and when team members witness their leader working hard, taking on challenges, and displaying a positive attitude, it motivates them to do the same.

Demonstrating competence and a strong work ethic establishes credibility. Team members are more likely to follow a leader they perceive as competent and capable.

Leaders who lead by example contribute to the creation of a positive and productive work culture. When positive behaviors are consistently demonstrated, they become ingrained in the team’s values.

Leading by example sets a standard for accountability. Team members are more likely to take responsibility for their actions and deliver on their commitments when they see their leader doing the same.

A leader who actively participates in teamwork and collaboration encourages a similar spirit within the team. Team members are more likely to work together when they see their leader valuing and participating in collaborative efforts.

While leading by example is a powerful leadership skill, it’s important to note that effective leadership involves a combination of skills. Communication, empathy, delegation, and the ability to inspire and empower others are also crucial for a well-rounded leadership approach. Successful leaders often integrate leading by example with these other skills to create a positive and high-performing team environment. Consistency is the key factor and at times can feel overwhelming. Take on small high performance habits and ruthlessly repeat those habits on a daily basis.Coaches need coaching too. Taking time to maximize your own personal health and performance is another display of leading by example. Click here to transform your health and performance today.

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