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KGB Vol 27: Your biggest investment…TIME

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”-Stephen R. Covey This is an interesting way to reframe the way we see time. In this case it would refer to how we allocate such a valuable resource during our coaching workday. A day on the grind may look something like this; As you […]

KGB Vol 22: Is coaching a health risk?

Coaching a sports team is one of the few jobs you accept knowing that you will eventually get fired. That simple truth adds a lot of stress to your life before you even get started in the position.  Many coaches eventually get their big break in the field by working hard, being in the right […]

KGB Vol 18: High Performance & Getting Old

  “Getting old is no fun!” I hear it nearly every day from some of my aging athletes. While they are certainly right, it is no reason to go down without a fight. In the modern era, athletes no longer hang up their gear after a certain birthday.  The distinction between high performance and anti-aging is […]

KGB VOL 17: Leadership Longevity -The health grind for coaches

With a new season not too far out on the horizon, the last month of training can set players and coaches up for success or failure. I recall realizing the difference in prepping college and professional players when I was in my first season with the Iowa Wild. Our young players had come from a […]

KGB VOL 16: Using biomechanics for exercise selection

Muscles are not the smartest tissues in the human body. They pretty much just do as they are told. The complexity of muscles resides in the message they are being sent through the nerves and nervous system.  In the world of muscle contraction, there are terms that are commonly used to describe what is happening […]

KGB Vol 15: Work smart and hard

Learning to be highly effective in any pursuit is about learning to deal with competing demands. Ben Franklin said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned,” and, given all his life’s accomplishments, we can definitely improve ourselves by internalizing his motto. Last month we discussed how to get the most out of […]
KGB VOL 14: How to take full advantage of the off season I speak ad nauseum about mastering the basics. In my role as a performance consultant, I can have a conversation about this several times each day. Such repetition can be monotonous and, for some people, it is not their cup of tea. I […]

KGB Vol 12: Strength is the game

At almost all levels, the hockey season is long and the off-season is short. It is no secret that top strength coaches in the industry look at in-season strength and conditioning programs as an opportunity to get players stronger as well as improve on other athletic qualities.  While this approach is not brand new, there […]

KGB Vol 7: If you dont know, now you know – Blood Flow Restriction Training

Let me introduce you to one of my “secret weapons” of athletic performance: Blood Flow Restriction training (BFR). It is not new, but it is certainly making its way into every sports team, every progressive injury rehab clinic, and every results-driven gym in the world.  Take a quick tour on PubMed with “blood flow restriction” […]

Isometrics are essential for hockey players: A simple solution to a complicated injury

I could say that I owe a lot to the game of hockey. It gave me the ability to travel and meet amazing people. I competed with incredible athletes and had the luxury of celebrating victory as well as mourning defeat. Hockey in a sense introduced me to my wife and is one of the […]
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