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KGB VOL 30: Brain Food- Nutrition to maintain focus and improve memory

Stay sharp!! Of course you can have a momentary lapse in memory or focus, but in reality maintaining focus is integral to the success of a coach. Various aspects can be impacted, from effective communication to strategic planning and leadership. It contributes to a positive coaching environment, enhances decision-making abilities, and ultimately influences the performance […]

KGB Vol 18: High Performance & Getting Old

  “Getting old is no fun!” I hear it nearly every day from some of my aging athletes. While they are certainly right, it is no reason to go down without a fight. In the modern era, athletes no longer hang up their gear after a certain birthday.  The distinction between high performance and anti-aging is […]

KGB VOL 17: Leadership Longevity -The health grind for coaches

With a new season not too far out on the horizon, the last month of training can set players and coaches up for success or failure. I recall realizing the difference in prepping college and professional players when I was in my first season with the Iowa Wild. Our young players had come from a […]
KGB VOL 14: How to take full advantage of the off season I speak ad nauseum about mastering the basics. In my role as a performance consultant, I can have a conversation about this several times each day. Such repetition can be monotonous and, for some people, it is not their cup of tea. I […]

KGB Vol 11: Preventing illness in a team setting

Maybe it’s just me, but it always seemed like the stretch of hockey from January through February felt the most challenging. These are the “hard yards” of the hockey season. This is the time of year when the weather can be unforgiving, you wake up in the dark and often get home in the dark.  […]

KGB Vol 10 : Advanced Tissue Healing Reconsidering cortisone

If you are a high level athlete or someone who is looking out for the best interest of an athlete, it is good to be in the know. In the world of sports, overcoming pain is a normal topic of conversation and many times that conversation focuses on what can we do now.  Several common […]


“Recover to win” they tell you. Much like nutrition, the world of sport recovery is difficult to navigate. There are endless gadgets, sketchy information sources and recovery gurus always at your disposal. Like most problems, the solutions are likely somewhere in the middle of all this chaos. The 10,000 ft view: Recovery = REPEATABLE HIGH […]

Sport Nutrition for Hockey Players

What is the best diet for hockey?  Simple question…simple answer. A balanced diet of protein, carbs, and fats AND lots of water.  This simple answer can consume your efforts for years to come.   But let’s delve deeper.   Let’s look at what kind of energy you use when you are playing.  Most of the game is […]

Nutritional Approach to Body Composition Changes in the Athlete with elevated body fat percentage

There is no question that each sport has a general trend when it comes to ideal body fat percentage.  The outliers on the top end of this measurement are interesting to me. This is even more of a conundrum at the professional or elite levels.  If you are outside of this norm on the top […]
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