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KGB Vol 24: Good vs Great: A view from above

Developing athletes can be a defining difference in the label good or great coach. Sure, there are some tactical wizards out there, but most great coaches get that distinction based on their ability to maximize an athlete’s ability to be successful. There are athletes who are clearly less talented but get more out of the […]

KGB Vol 21: Alcohol intake and stress management

Let’s just start by clearing the air. No this is not a rant on anti-alcohol or removing alcohol from your life entirely. The message is rooted in simple advice, pick your spot! Let’s state some truths about the impact of alcohol consumption and make an educated decision in terms of when, how much, and impact […]

KGB Vol 19: The vaccine for stress management

It’s a click-bait type of title, a very provocative use of language, with a hot topic embedded. Did I get you? Stress is one of today’s hot topics and, at times, just the mention of it can elicit a strong response from people who consider themselves to be highly tolerant of stress. I rarely argue […]

KGB Vol 18: High Performance & Getting Old

  “Getting old is no fun!” I hear it nearly every day from some of my aging athletes. While they are certainly right, it is no reason to go down without a fight. In the modern era, athletes no longer hang up their gear after a certain birthday.  The distinction between high performance and anti-aging is […]

KGB VOL 16: Using biomechanics for exercise selection

Muscles are not the smartest tissues in the human body. They pretty much just do as they are told. The complexity of muscles resides in the message they are being sent through the nerves and nervous system.  In the world of muscle contraction, there are terms that are commonly used to describe what is happening […]

KGB Vol 11: Preventing illness in a team setting

Maybe it’s just me, but it always seemed like the stretch of hockey from January through February felt the most challenging. These are the “hard yards” of the hockey season. This is the time of year when the weather can be unforgiving, you wake up in the dark and often get home in the dark.  […]

KGB Vol 10 : Advanced Tissue Healing Reconsidering cortisone

If you are a high level athlete or someone who is looking out for the best interest of an athlete, it is good to be in the know. In the world of sports, overcoming pain is a normal topic of conversation and many times that conversation focuses on what can we do now.  Several common […]

KGB Vol 9: Fear & Concern; Two very different emotions on the way back from an injury

“Rub some dirt on it.”  This seems to be one of the all-time great sports cliches. The phrase really is just  a metaphor for the fact that toughness is a part of all sports whether it be mental, physical or both.  There is, however, a legitimate performance concern when fear creeps into the mind of […]

KGB Vol 7: If you dont know, now you know – Blood Flow Restriction Training

Let me introduce you to one of my “secret weapons” of athletic performance: Blood Flow Restriction training (BFR). It is not new, but it is certainly making its way into every sports team, every progressive injury rehab clinic, and every results-driven gym in the world.  Take a quick tour on PubMed with “blood flow restriction” […]

THOR: BFR w/ Sean

Gallagher Performance Interview As always, it was great to get a chance to catch up with Sean, and chat rehab and performance. Sean has incorporated Personalized Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) into his practice for over a year. We sat down for an old-school phone conversation to unpack what his experience has been since adding BFR […]
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